Top styling tricks to steal from Fashion Bloggers

When it comes to our favorite Fashion Bloggers, we often don’t understand the fact that how do they stand out in every outfit. The reason behind this is simple. Every Fashion bloggers have their own styling tricks and today we are gonna steal it. Here is a list of our favorite styling tricks, from the top Fashion bloggers , which you must try.

The Mid Tuck

fashion bloggers
Photo by Ambar Simpang from Pexels

We all know that this trick slays every damn outfit and all fashion bloggers rock with their outfit , but we fail to style it properly. The mid-tuck is a way to define your waist without bringing much attention to it. It’s a very easy trick, which will go with your simplest t-shirts and tops. All you need to do is tuck your t-shirt in from the front side. Leave the back portion out. And, voila, here you go. You have knocked out the mid-tuck. You should keep in mind about the outfits you choose to do this trick. Try it on the simpler and plain t-shirts rather than the shimmer tops.

Weird combinations

fashion bloggers
Photo by EVG photos from Pexels

Yeah, you heard it right. Do not wear t-shirts with just jeans and jackets with just denim. Go for those weird combinations. Take a bold move, and you will slay the outfit. By weird combinations, I mean a blend of kurta and a jacket. Try your workout pants with high heels. It sounds unusual, but it is equally outstanding.  You will just not be more stylish, but you will be creating your own styling ideas. Many fashion bloggers follow this.

The knotted way

fashion bloggers
pic source pinterest

Top pick from fashion bloggers. Yes, ladies, this is my absolute favorite style. Wanna give those boring t-shirts/ tops a fashionista look? Knot them up. This is a very easy style to do. Take the front corners of your t-shirt and knot them around your belly button. You can give it a sexier look by pulling it up and showing your waist. The normal knot always looks more classy. It’s simple and you don’t need to use a belt for it.

Hottest Sunglasses

fashion bloggers
Photo by Nikolay Draganov from Pexels

Yes, ladies you must have noticed many fashion bloggers. Nothing looks sexier than the right sunglasses paired with the right outfit. From old Hollywood cat eyes to bold and bright classes, you have an amazing range to choose from. Don’t take sunglasses for granted. If you style it up smartly, people may even recognize you as a Fashion blogger.

The off shoulder way

fashion bloggers
Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

Style your jackets the off shoulder way. This is a very easy trick to do. Take any jacket and just wear it around your shoulders. You don’t want it to look old and boring, so carry it smartly. This style will give any boring outfit, a bold look.

Hats, hats, and hats

fashion bloggers
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

Yes, you guessed it right. What looks more stylish than a hat added to your amazing outfit? Whether it’s an old daddy’s hat or a cowboy hat, it always gives you this bolder look. Also, not every day is a good hair day, is it? So, when you have a bad hair day, and you still want to style up the outfit, this trick is your Saviour. Cover it up with a stunner hat and steal the look. A game changer used by fashion bloggers.


fashion bloggers
Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Yes, ladies, that’s right. Let’s clear up the illusion you had till now. Confidence is the key to fashion. Wear your confidence. Be comfortable in your bodies. Whether it’s a normal shirt-pant or a dress, you can pull it off with your sheer confidence. Become the showstopper with your confidence. Confidence is the key for success of many fashion bloggers.

So, that’s a wrap. A huge shoutout to all those lovely ladies out there. Keep following Menshera for regular updates and keep rocking your everyday outfits. Believe in yourself, I know, you’re a Fashionista and you know it too.

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