Why we need to look for men fashion tips by women?

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What if i told you that being in fashion is not about brands or expensive stuff?

isn’t it amazing, right?

All you need to do is just continue reading as we are going to reveal the most important ‘men fashion tips’ which is suggested by women.

I know you will agree with me if I say, Nowadays fashion is very expensive and most of us recheck our wallets to meet our fashion requirements.

But I would be happy to tell you that to be in fashion is not about wearing expensive clothes or branded accessories. It’s all about your dressing sense and  color combination you choose. By the end of this post I promise you will be a style hacker. Trust me !!



Prepping Men Fashion Tips By Women

Respectable men, would you say you are keen on doing all that you can to draw in an accomplice? Do you some of the time feel that your companions have more fortunes with the contrary sex than you do? There are sure things that you may have no prompt authority over like your compensation or looks. In any case, there are countless that are inside your control at the present time, which when asked, ladies named as imperative. Here are the best 21 preparing “men fashion tips” recommended by ladies…

1. Cleanliness is the key

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Remember cleanliness, one of the important “men fashion tips” by women and don’t give it a chance to slip by not with standing for one day. Few out of every odd couple gets together by one drawing nearer the other or by a prearranged presentation. In some cases individuals are pushed together by startling occasions. Possibly you are compelled to sit together in an eatery, or perhaps you’re each spending time with companions who know one another. The critical thing is, on the off chance that you have a “blend on” or by and large look unkempt for any reason, other than you are amidst run or you simply wrapped up a ball game, at that point you may pass up a chance. Individuals are judged cruelly if their cleanliness isn’t great and it is relatively difficult to get another opportunity. After that first gathering, the lady could in all likelihood be alluding to you as “Stinky” in her brain.

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2. Facial hair check

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Facial hair needs to seem as though you sufficiently minded to put some idea into it. No, you don’t need to be spotless shaven. No you don’t must have a thick trendy person facial whiskers. The thing is, regardless of what you sport all over, make it look intentional. Got a facial hair? Oversee it. Got five o’clock shadow? Oversee it. Clean shaven? Shave no less than each other day and don’t miss spots. Got a neck facial hair? Shave it. Slaughter it. Stop it. Neck facial hair never look great.

3. Take care of your kicks and possibly wear them when they're perfect

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Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

You don’t need to wear $200 shoes wherever you go, you can wear $50 shoes on the off chance that you need, however deal with them so they look great. What women search for is the way you keep up your things. Shoes are one of the most effortless and speediest things to take a gander at and judge, and you’re being made a decision by the presence of your shoes. Wearing croc shoes does not make you peculiar; it makes you look sluggish and faltering. Hold up until the point when you snare her before you wear your multi year old deck shoes or brilliant green crocs. Meanwhile, keep the cowhide clean and keep your bands tied and clean as well.
Need some new socks to run with your new shoes – at that point look at the trendiest socks around, position socks the phenomenal string.

4. Keep a sensible hair style and deal with your hair

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In the event that you can bear to go to a beautician, go there and request that the most ideal way deal with your specific cut. Regardless of where your hair is trimmed, get it trim such that you can oversee it. A few men wouldn’t fret setting aside opportunity to settle their hair every morning. On the off chance that you do mind, get a straightforward hair style and look after it. In the event that you keep your hair somewhat more, and it requires some styling put resources into a quality hair dryer.

5. Sound sleep matters a lot

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Sleep. Circles under your eyes, red eyes, and a general colorless appearance are not irregular for individuals who are denied of rest. Nobody thinks those looks are great. Get your seven to nine hours and you’ll have more vitality and you’ll look better as well.

6. Smell fresh

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Smelling great is more than cleaning up and utilizing antiperspirant (in spite of the fact that that ought to occur at any rate once every day) you ought to likewise include a type of aroma. The aroma ought not be such a solid fragrance, to the point that individuals are taking a gander at you awry from 10 feet away, yet in the event that you wind up inside two or feet of a lady, you need to provoke her enthusiasm with a masculine, inviting smell.

7. Take care of your teeth and your breath

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Brush your teeth, and in the event that you drink espresso, take a mint a short time later. Even better attempt an at home teeth brightening pack. You need white teeth, and you need your breath to smell pleasant. There are hereditary or wild issues that can keep a yellowish film on your teeth. Generally dental specialists can help with those issues, you should simply inquire. In the event that you need a full guide for having superb teeth, look at our article and info graphic on flossing and flossing options.

8. Don't over adorn your closet

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by pexels

In the event that you wear a neckband or some likeness thereof, don’t make it evident from far—downplayed is great, striking and in your face is awful. In the event that you have something on the finish of the chain, it should say something regarding you. It ought to be a cross, or a star, or something that helps you to remember Mom and crusty fruit-filled treat. You can likewise wear a basic watch, and in the event that you should, you can wear one ring that has a type of centrality to you. A pinky ring isn’t admissible except if you’re a hired gunman for the mafia.

9. Body hair can be an issue

men fashion tips
Photo by Pablo Padilla on Unsplash

Darn the misfortune of hereditary qualities. Dispose of the neck whiskers, yet additionally consider freeing yourself of the back and bear cover – you can utilize a body groomer for this. What amount is excessively neck and back hair? In the event that it would appear that you’re wearing a fumble under your shirt with hair staying up through the back of your shirt that is excessively body hair. Much like numerous different things, you can give the back hair a chance to develop after she’s enamored with you.

10. Take care of your lips

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Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

Have you at any point seen somebody who is recuperating from a horrendous chilly or from a fever, and their lips are altogether split and perhaps dying? Gross, isn’t that so? Deal with your lips. Keep away from the broke, net lips. On the off chance that you invest a great deal of energy outside in the breeze and sun, put resources into a Chap Stick.

11. Take care of your hands

men fashion tips
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It may feel masculine to have callouses from the load bar, or from swinging a mallet, yet when you contact a woman, you don’t need her to pull back in light of the fact that your hands feel like sandpaper and your nails look like a large portion of a ranch is under them. Get a nail brush, deal with your fingernail skin, and put a moisturizer on your gloves if require be. Callouses will in any case be there to inspire her, yet she’ll acknowledge gentler hands when you contact her.

12. Take care of your eyebrows

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In the same way as other things on this rundown, a monobrow, or a caterpillar forehead may appear to be demanding and things that God and hereditary qualities have made, however you have one opportunity to establish a first connection. In case you’re a seven footer in the NBA with a $20 million every year pay, you can have a monobrow, in the event that you’re not, keep them culled and isolated.

13. Wear dress that fits you like you're a man

men fashion tips
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In case you’re more seasoned than 14, your garments should fit you, not appear as though you’re wanting to develop into them sometime in the not so distant future. Garments that are loose make you seem as though you couldn’t care less what you look like. Purchase garments that fit your shape and claim it with certainty and graciousness. Loose garments look messy and don’t trick anybody.


  • I can’t trust this is something I need to state, in any case, deal with the earwax. That is to say, net. On the off chance that you have earwax leaving the ear trench, the time has come to get it out of there.
  • Overdress, don’t underdress, and simply don’t overdress by a ton. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you work in an office and most folks wear polos, you can either wear a polo or a catch out shirt. In the event that most men wear business shirts, wear a tie. You would prefer not to get consideration by being the person who is only somewhat sloppier than he should be.
  • When you consider how you dress, particularly in case you’re going out on the town, clinicians recommend that ladies are open to men who sport red. Who knows? I generally thought I favored yellow, yet perhaps when I meet another person, red truly looks great.
  • Man-scaping can be a pleasant thing. In 2016, an ever increasing number of men assume that ladies should deal with themselves south of the outskirt; we feel a similar route about men. Keep yourselves clean down there, and now and then, give yourself somewhat trim (a body groomer will prove to be useful). It doesn’t take long, and we’ll welcome the exertion.
  • Use a facial scour. A few men can’t resist the opportunity to have pimples and zits now and again. Hell, it happens to ladies as well. The thing that matters is that ladies are regularly allowed by society to discover something to keep our faces spotless and free of oil. Presently men can locate similar sorts of items, and they can either be discovered on the web or in many drugstores. Take some time and scour your face. Not exclusively will it decline clogged pores and zits, it will likewise make your skin look fresher and recharged
  • If your closet is commonly an old agreeable shirt when you’re not at work, and afterward think about evolving it. You can even now wear a polo shirt or a conservative shirt and not seem as though you’re spruced up with no place to go. For some, ladies, seeing a man wearing an old show shirt to the supermarket makes that man imperceptible. While you’re grinding away, dispose of your multi
    year old pants that accompanied openings in the knees. Time proceeds onward. So should your closet.
  • Don’t attempt to conceal your diminishing hair. The facts may demonstrate that numerous ladies would lean toward a man with thick hair, yet hell, you would like to have thick hair. In any case, in case you’re losing it, simply style your hair such that gives you a chance to possess that your body is evolving. Thickening shampoos can give you volume, and items that keep it set up without clustering makes your hair look normal and great. Do. Not. Wear. A. Mullet. More hair in the back won’t improve your hair look on your head where it is diminishing.
  • Look at your nose and your ears. Simply take a gander at the mirror. Do you see hair originating from those openings? In the event that you do, trim the hair. It doesn’t generally make a difference what actualize you use, yet discover something that you will be sheltered utilizing. You would prefer not to exchange hair turning out your eye for a huge, red scar from the time you got imprudent with the sharp scissors when you were trimming that hair.

So guys here we conclude our this post about top men fashion tips by women and best of luck for your date with her and we are sure you will impress her. If you loved this post please don’t forget to share and do tell us if any of this helped you in  comments below.

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