Accessory trends of 2019


Watch what you accessorise: Accessory trends of 2019

All the Style Missies out there, watching out for the in-accessory trends of the year 2019? Here is a catalogue of the pieces that are going to rule 2019.

Reinterpretation of ‘Past’ has been trending in the fashion industry for the past few years. From the trunk boxes to the oversizes of the past, the styles keep crawling into the present. So,it’s time to catch up all the remixes of accessory trends.

Who,on this Earth, would not love to ‘Beexistent’ in fashion?There enters your creativity along with the know-abouts of classy fashion. So, we are here to help you out reach out to the accessery trends of today. Let’s go take a look on it.

1. The Carry-Ons: Box typed

Slingies, Slingies everywhere!!!

The chic Sling bags were the most trendy choice of every 2018 woman. And now it’s going to be the voguish ‘Slingy Boxes’ that would add on to your Sling-bagrobe. One of the important accessory trends to watch out for

Accessory trends of 2019

If you are a modish woman who loves the contemporary and the antiques, these box bags would just sway your minds. Carrying the boxes on shoulders would become one of the new accessory trends in the upcoming season. While the Sling bags are already ruling, these box bags are going to be a pretty add ons. Carrying this elegant design just makes you look out of the crowd and can be one of the greatest accessory trends of 2019. As there comes a round shape, Cubic ones, etc., they can be very spacious too that carries all the needies in one go.

Accessory trends of 2019
Accessory trends of 2019

2. The Multilayered Neckline

Have a lot of Pendants for one Outfit? Confused which one to wear? Stack your neck up with all that matches.

Putting on Layered Pendants would become one of the most favourite accessory trends for all the fashionable woman out in 2019. The Multilayered Pendants and long chains styles up with almost all of your outfits. And know how the pairings and triplings piles up? An Antique piece with a modern piece, A pearl with a Shell and so on. And your neckline is going to be a mash up of layers this season. This will be one of the famous accessory trends of 2019.

Accessory trends of 2019

3. Oversized bangles

Be bold with overly large bangle vogue!!

Maximalist jewels peeps into the accessory trends world once more. Adorning yourself with a mega-bangles echo your bold look and feel.

Chunk your wrist up with one? Two? Many? Your choice. After all, Fashion is one ‘s own choice. Here even the size of your wrist doesn’t matter. Wear on and go bold in 2019. Signature accessory trends of 2019.

4. Knuckle duster: The Midi Rings

Accessory trends of 2019
Accessory trends of 2019

Inspired by the ancient-day Queens, these Knuckle dusters would receive a Warm welcome in 2019. These midi rings would get sensational over the next season. And it casts up with the other rings too. Again this looks like a kind of layers in the fingers.

4. Sunglasses : Chained

Accessory trends of 2019
Accessory trends of 2019

Again a magnificent come-backs are the Chained Sunglasses. They are designed specially for those who forget their glasses. While the designers come up with hot new frames with a variety of shapes, these chains add an extra touch of style to the whole. This will be the game changer of all accessory trends of 2019.



This is our top accessory trends of 2019. Before the entry of any fashion trend, the designers sense the vibes of the crowd and intricate their pieces in a most elegant way. Their intricacies come into the World of styling and rules the entire industry. The creativity doesn’t end there. It moves to the wearers as well. ‘Being existent’ is almost an addiction and the only medicine is these new crazy creations by the designers.

So wait for what? Let’s get happening this season

Happy Trending!!

We hope you loved this post, tell us which trend amazed you and why? in below comment session. If you loved our post please share as much as you can. Stay tuned for our next bubbling post and if you want us to cover any particular topic do mention that in comments below.

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